What a Diff’rence a Day Makes!


Please excuse me, Dinah (Washington), I needed your song title.

Or better still . . . What a difference a FEW WEEKS make.

This time two weeks ago (mid-June), I published my newest novel, The Rhythm of Evil, on Kindle and other eBook platforms. Why? Because I needed a whole raft of eBook readers to tell the literate populous that The Rhythm of Evil is a darn good, well-written crime thriller. I helped seduce the eBook folks into reading it by offering the novel for only $0.99. A BARGAIN (if I do say so myself). I was fortunate that somewhere north of 80 readers consented to read and review the book.

While the bulk of the jury is still in the process of reading the novel, the reviews as of this date rate the book as a 5 (out of 5). Let me tell you . . . it was starting to get so boring to read those reviews with a +5 after +5 after +5.  HA-HA. NOT!!!!

Yesterday, July 1st, the paperback edition of The Rhythm of Evil was launched to a record (for me) of 52 books purchased on Amazon alone.

Just goes to show you, luck always triumphs over talent.

PS: My book can be ordered on Amazon and through other bookstores. Please give it a read and leave a review at Goodreads and/or your favorite retailer.

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