Order Dennis’ latest novel “The Rhythm of Evil”

The Rhythm of Evil

The Rhythm of Evil is a fast-paced, can’t put the book down, suspense thriller featuring a new hero, Reg Decker, Homicide Inspector. Decker was trained by the best in the business, retired Detective Tom McGuire, hero of my earlier books. Now Tom’s retired, but not entirely out of the picture.

Reg Decker is a seasoned San Francisco Homicide Inspector. He’s tough, he’s thorough, and he’s got heart. When nephew Bobby, a UCLA law student with cerebral palsy called to let Decker know about an explosion of destructive Twitter tweets about the Poppy Garcia murder, Uncle Reggie jumped into action only to discover more than he bargained for.

Decker’s partner for the past three years has been Manny Morales.  By coincidence, Morales was partner to Barry Egan, lead detective on the Poppy Garcia murder case. Egan left the department years ago, in a swirl of unanswered questions. A single mother, gang bangers, Mexican cartels, a pawn shop and dirty cops. So many questions.

Follow Inspector Decker through San Francisco’s avenues to the financial district, down Market Street, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and out to the greater Bay Area as the tangled strings of the past unravel. If you liked the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly, you’ll love this book.

“The Rhythm of Evil is a top-notch thriller! The suspense escalates in Koller’s fast paced tale of a simple murder that turns out to be anything but simple. Tight writing and believable characters will keep the pages turning.”

-Vivian Roubal, Martinez News-Gazette

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One thought on “Order Dennis’ latest novel “The Rhythm of Evil”

  1. Janet C.

    This fast paced cop drama/murder mystery has the potential to be an exciting movie, or a TV series. With San Francisco and other bay area locales as the background the reader can easily visualize tooling around well known locations. And the well developed characters would be fun to cast. How about a younger Brad Pitt as Reggie Decker? Dennis, why aren’t you writing screen plays?

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