June: From frowns and tears, to smiles and joy


The birds are chirping their love song and the buds of Spring have burst into colorful bouquets of flowers making our lives livable again as we climb out of quarantine.

May was the month of rebirth. Let’s welcome in June as the month of renewal. A time for us to individually renew the face of the country we love so well—from frowns and tears, to smiles and hugs of joy. Our time of trial is almost past.

For me, June means the release of my fourth novel, The Rhythm of Evil. The novel introduces my new protagonist, homicide inspector Reggie Decker, a character many critics are comparing to a young Harry Bosch. I never intended Reggie to be a young Bosch, preferring he form his own identity moving forward. But I can’t say I’m unhappy he is being compared, even in a small way, to the greatest cop in novel-land.

My publisher tells me the book will be ready for prime-time on or about June 20. The photo shows an early rendition of the cover art.

To pique your interest, a quick glimpse of “The Rhythm of Evil”

When the San Francisco Police Department is accused of being racist and homophobic because a gay Hispanic female’s murder was never solved, Homicide Inspector Reg Decker is tasked with reopening the case to prove the accusers wrong. But as new clues emerge, he stumbles upon a decades-old web of teenage sex trafficking, drug cartels, and political intrigue all having tentacles reaching back into his own homicide unit.

The Rhythm of Evil, by Dennis Koller. (c) 2020

3 thoughts on “June: From frowns and tears, to smiles and joy

  1. Rob

    I enjoyed the hell out of this one. Reg is the kind of guy you want on your side. Thanks Dennis I enjoyed it as much as the others keep em coming . PS I hope you and Sarah are doing well.

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