‘Twas in the Merry Month of May

Get caught reading

Ever since I heard the opening lines of the song Barbara Allen by Joan Baez, the month of May grabbed a special piece of my heart. I mean . . . come on! Who couldn’t be moved by the words and melody; “’Twas in the merry month of May, when green buds all were swellin’”?

May is the true beginning of Spring.

Ahh, Spring . . . with its sweet sighs of novelty and fragrance. Spring . . . where nature delightfully displays its canvas of pastel colors. Spring . . . where the world awakens and reinvents itself.

As part of the Earth’s Spring rebirth, books are now back “in season.” As a consequence, more people are spending time out-of-doors with a book in their hand.

Books, I’m convinced, play an integral part in holding families, as well as societies, together. Just like the old saying goes, “the family that reads together, stays together.” Oops . . .wait, I think I got the verb wrong, but what the hell, it’s still true.

In fact, someone came up with the moniker “May is GET CAUGHT READING month.” True or not, I’m all in. Go check out my Facebook page. I’m actually posting photographs of just a few of the people who I’ve “caught reading” this month. You can follow me on Instagram as well. Come on by and give those people a well-deserved LIKE.

In the meantime, SPRING IS HERE! Welcome her into your life.

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