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The Oath

Independent Press Award for Military Fiction, 2017

Bay Area Independent Publishers Award for Best Fiction, 2016


The Custer Conspiracy

Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorites for Thriller, 2017




When I finished my second novel I wanted a place to share the first chapter with anyone who wanted a free preview. Please leave a Reply as to what you thought of the chapter.

If it moves you to want to read further, email me at and I’ll send you more.

Kissed By The Snow

Chapter 1
San Francisco

Hartmann drummed his fingers on the desk, glancing quickly at the clock hanging on the opposite wall. Eight eleven. “Come on. Come on,” he shouted into the empty room. “Answer the god damn phone.”

“Federal Aviation Administration. Phil Cruz speaking,” the voice said.

Hartmann breathed a sigh of relief. “Mr. Cruz? This is Special Agent William Hartmann. FBI out of San Francisco. The Deputy Director of the FBI gave me your name. He said you were the only FAA person… Read More…

Critique My Novel - Amarillo, Texas

I entered this novel in a literary contest sponsored by Critique My Novel. On August 18, 2013, they notified me that my entry  was awarded fourth place. As the promoter so correctly pointed out, writers need feedback more than ever to help fix what needs fixing and to know where and when we are doing something right. In addition to the editors offering some great feedback, the contest had the honor of wonderful guest judges: two literary agents agreed to help.