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The Oath
The Oath, by Dennis Koller

The desire for revenge never dies.

A famous San Francisco newspaper columnist has been murdered. In her own kitchen. One bullet between the eyes. Her arms have been tied behind her, knotted together from shoulder to wrist.

SFPD Homicide Inspector Tom McGuire feels an eerie chill of recognition. He spent seven years in a North Vietnamese prison camp and endured rope torture many times–with his arms tied in just this way.

Checking police databases, McGuire finds three similar unsolved murders in other cities, and he discovers that all the victims have links to a man who is now the governor of California — a man with presidential aspirations — who himself may be a target.

2016 BAIPA Book Award for Best Fiction- "The Oath"

McGuire suspects he knows the killer’s identity, and before long is forced to confront long-forgotten demons of his own.

Caught between his sworn duty as a police officer, and the Oath he took as an Annapolis grad so many years ago, he is drawn into a world from which no one is going to emerge a winner.

“The Oath is one of those books difficult to put down. If you are one of us who did not appreciate Jane Fonda giving aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese during her visit to Hanoi in July 1972, you will appreciate this book. Very entertaining.”

 – RADM Thomas F. Brown III – Naval Aviator
and veteran of three deploymentsto the
Gulf of Tonkin in support of the w
independent press award banner winner 2017

“The characters and dialogue are ultimately believable, The ending is unpredictable in the extreme. Combined, you’ve got a real page turner.” – The Irish Herald Book Review

“Weaves politics, murder, romance and the wry ruminations of a middle-aged cop into a satisfying page-turner.”
– Saint Mary’s College Magazine

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