The Custer Conspiracy (A Tom McGuire Thriller)

I started writing The Custer Conspiracy after imagining what the consequences would be if it just so happened that George Custer faked his own death and was not killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Probably none at all. After all, that battle occurred 140 years ago. Who the heck today would even care?

The Custer Conspiracy Dennis Koller
Book Signing in Hawai'i

Turns out though that one of the world’s most secretive and dangerous organizations would –and did– care! Rich and powerful men who would do anything to make sure Custer’s secret remained hidden.I took The Custer Conspiracy and my first novel, The Oath, to the Naval Order of the United States Congress in Hawai’i where I was honored to have a book signing for their members.

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  1. Matt Oaks

    What a cool book idea! I have always found Custer to be an interesting study. I recently picked up Will Hutchison’s book Artifacts of the Battle of Little Big Horn. I love visiting the area and see that up close but I have always been enamored by the things of the era. So his book to me is a grown up picture book if you will and it has some beautiful pieces in it!

    • Matt,
      I’m like you. Have always found Custer an intriguing figure. Besides Custer himself, though, the things going on in the country at the time were also intriguing. In my research when writing the novel, I found the machinations going on in D.C. regarding how to deal with this “inconvenient” Indian situation illuminating. Tell you what … with just a slight tweaking of what we all thought went down at the Little Bighorn that June day, my story in The Custer Conspiracy could actually have happened. 🙂

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