“Endless” Love

Woman In Blue Dress_Richard Edward Miller

Does Art really imitate Nature?

I’m a big fan of Lionel Richie. When I heard he was starting his summer tour in a town near where I live, I “packed up the babies and grabbed the old ladies” and went to see him.

It was a great concert. Lionel was singing all his old hits, and everyone in the packed house, especially yours truly, was singing right along with him. It was the ultimate no-fault Karaoke. “You’re Once… Twice… Three times a Laaaay- deee” and it’s “Easy Like Sunday Morning.” I was in full throat. Going strong. Feelin’ the love. Continue reading

The Intimacy Between Sales and Good Editing


Have you noticed the plethora of blogs recently chattering about the “importance of editing”?  Must be the season!  Probably because spring is almost here and we authors are about to “spring” our winter ramblings on publishers.

But I do think it’s a critical topic, so I’m going to add my two cents to the discussion. Continue reading