5 Things You Need To Be Doing While Writing Your Book


Many people think that writing a book is all about having a good story or hook, but the reality is you are in the book writing “business.”  Here are five things that you should do while you are writing the book that can help your “book business” once you finish.

1. Make a list of your circle of friends

This list will help you to spread word of mouth about your book when it comes out.  Try to list people that you know would be interested in this type/genre of book.  Talk to as many of them as you can to get their buy-in – that they will help you to promote the book to their friends.  Have them make a similar list so that they have time to think about who in their circle would be good advocates as well.

2. Find other authors in your area

Not only can you commiserate together about the long hours and lulls in creativity but these fellow authors can help you to find key people in your community that you might not have access to otherwise.  The other great thing about having a group of authors to talk to/meet with is that they can read and help to give you feedback, from a critical eye, on the book before it gets published.

3. Talk to your local businesses – especially coffee shops

Go to places where you would expect to find book recommendations.  See if they are interested in featuring your book when it comes out.  Use the fact that you are local to help sell them on the idea.  Make sure that you let them know what it can do for their business in terms of local marketing by showing that they are willing to help other local businesses.

4. Create two to three news releases about your book being released

Think of different vehicles that would need a news release – like newspaper, website, radio stations – and write different news releases that tout your book.  It’s great to do this while you’re writing your book so that the hook and/or theme of the book is fresh in your mind and you can get it on paper.  The releases don’t have to be completely different, but think about the audiences of each vehicle to tweak it just a little to fit.  Now you will have these at your disposal to help promote your book later.

5. Start putting together your book pitch for agents

This can be very time consuming as you might have different pitches or go through multiple iterations until you come up with a pitch that you like.  So, the key on these is to start early and start putting down ideas while you are writing.  I found that when I have hit the wall on my book, I use that time to work on the pitch and it gets me thinking about the book in a different way –which actually helps me when I get back to writing.


Leave a comment below to share other ideas that will help authors prepare for the sale of their book.

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