The Holy Grail of the Discoverability Process


The real “social media” at work.

“DISCOVERABILITY” – the bane of all Indie writers. If you are (or were) like me, you spent a lot of time thinking, planning, plotting about how to get “discovered”. On the one hand, it looks so easy. I mean, if 50 Shades of Grey can do it, so can you. Right?

Ummm …. NO!

Face it. 50 Shades’ author won the lottery. How many people win the lottery? About as many as get hit by an asteroid. No, the fact is most of us have to make our living the old-fashioned way …. earn it.

So … what do we do to “earn it?” If we listen to the marketing gurus, it’s all about Social Media.

I listened! After Tweeting enough to make me hoarse; after posting to the Facebook and LinkedIn writing groups until the tips of my fingers got calluses; after hiring Internet companies to “take me to the next level”; after doing all those things and not seeing even the slightest blip in my book sales; I decided this kind of “passive” social media sucks.

I knew I had to get myself and my work in front of people. Well, then, how ‘bout I just get myself in front of people?

The ultimate “social media”.

And it worked!

The more I have spoken to real, live people, the more my sales have shot up.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to take you on my journey to what I have come to believe is the holy grail of the discoverability process. I’ll tell you how to start that process. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

Take a listen to the vid clip. It’s the start of the journey.


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2 thoughts on “The Holy Grail of the Discoverability Process

  1. Linda Foley

    It’s all about the visual in this fickle world:-).
    Shameless self-promotion is really not shameless, it’s necessary.

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