Prefer Paperback? Order now and save $2


Heads-up, faithful Followers: My newest novel, Kissed By The Snow, is available, and I’m anxious for you to read it.

Kissed By The Snow

If you’d like to hold a print copy in your hands, order the paperback directly from my eStore and use discount code QQKLNUEP at checkout to save $2 off the retail price.

Your honest review is appreciated at Amazon and Goodreads.

2 thoughts on “Prefer Paperback? Order now and save $2

  1. karen sloma

    Hey Den ~~ I would like to buy a hardback copy…. how do I do that? I think I remember your saying that I should tell you when and you’d give me a code or something to go to your site?  Say…. do you charge extra for an autograph? You keep writin’, Butch…
    Take care ~  K        
    ~~  Live simply  ~  Care deeply  ~  Speak kindly  ~  Laugh easily  ~~

    • Karen, it’s out as a high-quality paperback, but not a hard cover, with a discount of $2.00 by using the link and code shown in the post above. I’ll autograph it when I next see you. (I’m looking into adding that option to the shopping cart for an autographed copy.)

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