Order Dennis’ Novel “Kissed By The Snow”

Kissed by the Snow (Rob Kincaid #1)
Kissed By The Snow, by Dennis Koller

Rob Kincaid is a highly trained special operator whose firm takes on government jobs that wouldn’t exactly pass congressional oversight.

After a Mexican cartel murders his father, Rob’s firm is hired to carry out Operation Snow Plow, a plan that promises to deal the final blow in the country’s long raging battle against the drug cartels.

But as Rob digs deeper into Snow Plow, he uncovers a tangled web of lies and conspiracies that encircle its very heart.

As he attempts to unravel that web, Rob finds himself in a high stakes game of odd man out, where he has been targeted as the odd man.

“An intense and addictive thriller. You’ll be hooked.”

– bookwormroom.com

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7 thoughts on “Order Dennis’ Novel “Kissed By The Snow”

  1. George Lazar

    I am half way through KBTS and it’s incredible. Rarely do I find a book that I can’t put down, KBTS is the exception, a work of art that takes the reader by the hand, page by page to that place where the imagination can truly be kindled. Thanks Dennis, for bringing for a great story and please keep going.

  2. Ralph Higgins

    Just finished The Oath. I’ve never read a novel that hooked me and swept me along in the story to the point that I would miss dinner. Excellent writing. My wife and I are ordering the next two books.

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