VVA Review of “The Oath”


Thanks for your review, Bill! “Books in Review” runs in The VVA Veteran, the bimonthly print magazine published by Vietnam Veterans of America and contains book reviews by writers who specialize in the Vietnam War and Vietnam War veterans.

Books in Review II


Dennis Koller’s The Oath (Pen Books, 336 pp. $14.99, paper; $4.99, Kindle) is an exciting and fast-moving mystery thriller. In November of 1966, Tom McGuire was shot down over North Vietnam and spent the next seven years as a prisoner of war, returning home in 1973 as part of the first group of POWS released.

In 2000 McGuire is a homicide detective in San Francisco when an award-winning columnist for the city’s largest newspaper, Ruth Wasserman, is murdered in an unusual manner. After being shot and killed at close-range, her arms were trussed behind her in a way that McGuire immediately realized was the manner used by the guards in that long-ago Hanoi prison.

McGuire soon recalls that Wasserman, while a writer for the Village Voice, along with a small group of female college students, had visited the Hanoi Hilton. While there, the women betrayed a handful of American prisoners…

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5 thoughts on “VVA Review of “The Oath”

  1. Raymond Lew

    Dennis, Subscribe me on your blogs:  always love reading writings of ’62 classmate. Look forward to hear  from you. Best w/Thanks. Ray Lew

  2. Ray Haeckel

    Hey Denny, how do I order a copy of this paperback book? I want to read it. Sounds good. Send instructions. You have really become prolific in cranking out these books.
    Nope all is well with you good friend. But tell me why you moved to Texas!!
    Ray in Utah

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