Big Win for Follower ph89oenix


Today was the 50th Super Bowl, pitting the Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers.  My friends and I in the San Francisco area watched all fours hours, including the halftime show and award ceremony.  To help pass the time, we played “The Big Game Bingo” using the television commercials as squares. I got a couple of BINGOs before the third quarter ended and scored a crisp $2-bill for each win. Making the game even more enjoyable was the great food and drink prepared by the hostess.

Earlier this morning my newest fan, ph89oenix, won his/her own Super Bowl prize by being the the 200th follower of my blog, scoring an autographed copy of my novel “Kissed By The Snow“. I am so grateful for all of my followers and hope to live up to your standard for quality fiction in the mystery/thriller-suspense genre.  

(ph89oenix, send your name and mailing address to and I’ll ship out your prize immediately.)

Which Super Bowl brand do you think should win Best-Commercial this year?  I think the Doritos dogs in the supermarket was pretty good, as well as Steve Harvey reliving the Miss Universe flub on the T-Mobile ad. Tell me what you thought.


3 thoughts on “Big Win for Follower ph89oenix

  1. George Grandemange

    I’ll tell you my vote for “the worst” commercial. “Dog, monkey, baby”. What was it selling? Something disgusting?

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