Special Holiday Box-Set


Having now published four mystery-thrillers (all with sterling reviews), and with Christmas fast approaching, I wanted to offer all my fans a discount on my books.

Here’s my offer: Buy all four novels (a retail value of $61.00) for only $50.00 and I’ll personally autograph each novel to whom you want it sent plus throw in free shipping.

Both The Oath and The Custer Conspiracy were awarded Silver Medals
from the Military Writers Society of America at their (virtual) Awards Banquet this past fall.

The Rhythm of Evil

2020, A Reggie Decker mystery.

I always enjoy the twist in the plot DENNIS so aptly weaves into his stories. Can’t wait for the next one to come out
. . . He pulls from current events the very mysteries of today and weaves them into his intriguing story, leaving you breathless . . .

The Oath, by Dennis Koller

The Oath

2016, A Tom McGuire thriller.
$14.99; Also available as audiobook

. . . The procedural part fascinates me even if I know the ending. In the case of Koller’s book “The Oath” the characters are vivid and living people. Some of them are thinly disguised avatars for people that were and still are in the public eye. . . To those who remember the era and remember the controversies involving Jane Fonda, this novel will bring back memories. I don’t want to spoil the plot by saying any more. It’s a good read.

The Custer Conspiracy

2016, A Tom McGuire thriller.

Revealing a total mastery of the genre, author Dennis Koller has deftly crafted an inherently fascinating and original mystery that is a simply riveting read from cover to cover. ~ Midwest Book Review

Kissed By The Snow

2014, A Rob Kincaid thriller.

If you liked The Oath, you’ll be glad to know that Tom McQuire and his wife, Michele, remain a constant in Kissed By The Snow, a new series with a former Navy SEAL, Rob Kincaid, as head of a security firm. Rob’s firm has contracts with the federal government to handle assignments that require plausible deniability. When the government seeks to do “the greater good” despite the collateral damage, watch out! If you thought Fast and Furious was an ill-thought out scheme by the government to track illegal gun sales among the Mexican cartels, wait until you read what it does to end the War on Drugs in Koller’s first book in the Rob Kincaid series.

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